We the Cats
We the Cats



Extended Play

The first release from We the Cats, the six-song cassette Extended Play, introduced fans to the songwriting talents of Mark Lolwing and Mike Petersen, demonstrating their interest in various song genres, from pop and soul to garage rock and introspection, all tied nicely together by the crack rhythm section, bassist Gibson Arlasky and and drummer Eric "Alf" Swanson.


We the Cats really comes into its own as a band with their first full-length CD. The wide variety of genres touched on here, pop, soul, country, hard-edged rock, are all nevertheless unmistakably We the Cats songs.


We the Cats’ final project is a song-cycle that highlights the bands skills in the studio. The excellent songwriting and performances thread together this story of recovering from a relationship

We the Cats Live

This exciting album, a collection of live performances by the band in their heyday, captures their talent, high energy, and wit.

Rosary Live

This concept album was publicly performed only once, a short time before the band went into the studio to record what was to be their last studio album.